How to Succeed When It Comes to Divorce Mediation

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It's rare for a marriage to dissolve without experiencing any disagreements or consternations. This may be why so many matters end up in front of a court, where judges must decide how to settle everything and distribute the property. Yet it's far better to resolve issues informally, and it can undoubtedly be less traumatic than having to go in front of those judges. If you're in this unfortunate position, you should try to go through a mediation process, but how difficult is this, and how should you approach it?

29 June 2022

Going Through A Divorce? Signs You Need Your Own Family Lawyer

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If you live in Australia and you want to file for divorce, you might think that you can proceed without a lawyer. Many people try to navigate their divorce without legal representation. Unfortunately, attempting to handle your own divorce can expose you to a lot of problems, such as lengthy delays or unfair settlements. That's why you need to hire a family lawyer. A family lawyer can help you navigate the pitfalls that can derail your divorce.

9 February 2022