4 Things You Should Know When Initiating A Divorce

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Do you wish to initiate a divorce? Many people presume that divorces are straightforward. However, this is not always the case. The extract below discusses a few things that you should know as you start the divorce process. Hopefully, you will have an easy time as you go through the divorce.  1. Always Hire A Family Lawyer Although this is not a requirement, a family lawyer will make your divorce hassle-free.

28 July 2021

Decided You Cannot Live Together Anymore? Why You Need a Divorce Lawyer

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Separation is a legal process that requires the assembling of testimonials and filing them properly to make your case presentable and acceptable. All this process is tedious and stressful trying to find where to fix documents in your file.  Hiring a divorce lawyer will save you from the hassle. Solicitors have experience in the filling. They understand how court proceedings work and even present your case. Below are the advantages of having a divorce solicitor in your divorce process.

20 May 2021

Family Law: When to Hire a Divorce Lawyer

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What do you do when your spouse is unfaithful or, worse still, violent? Do you still stick around? Certainly not. The only option is to part ways. When the time comes to divorce your spouse, you'll need the assistance of a divorce lawyer.  With their in-depth understanding of family law, a lawyer will help you navigate the divorce. If you have kids, they will use their expertise to determine who goes with them.

5 March 2021

What to Do After a Car Accident

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What you do immediately after you get into a car accident can affect whether you are compensated or not. That is why it is of great importance to know and understand the steps you should follow if you are not seriously injured. Here's what you need to know and understand when you need to file a car accident claim. Who Is Responsible for The Accident? Of course, as a driver, if an accident occurs, you will know who is at fault.

18 November 2020

Divorce When Your Partner Has a History of Violence

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Australia offers a no-fault divorce, and in many cases, the division of assets, any financial maintenance and child custody arrangements are determined via mediation, which is then submitted to the courts before being formalised. The process is not quite so smooth when domestic violence is an issue, and when this violence has been inflicted upon you, you might not necessarily agree with the no-fault classification. How should you proceed with divorce when your partner has a history of violence?

15 July 2020

Terminology You Should Know Before Getting a Family Lawyer


Family law is quite broad. If you need the services of a family lawyer, you need one that has experience in the particular services you need. It is, therefore, important to get familiar with various terms you might come across. Knowing these terms also helps you get a better understanding of your situation. Family Law This is a practice that covers legal issues arising from family relationships. The most common family issues include divorce, property distribution, custody concerns, domestic violence and adoption.

22 October 2019

Estate Planning: Three Crucial Precautions for Drafting Your Will

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Drafting a will can be a depressing process, but it is necessary if you want to protect your vulnerable loved ones. In general, if an individual dies before preparing a will, the estate might not be handled as expected. Typically, in this type of situation, the court will appoint an administrator. The chosen person will clear debts and bills before distributing the remaining property according to a formula set by the specific state government.

22 January 2019