Faciliating access to teenage children

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After separation or divorce, ideally, any children will still have access to both parents and have the opportunity to have meaningful relationships with both parents. This can be facilitated with a range of communication techniques including face-to-face visits, phone calls and video calls. For teenagers with other commitments and growing social networks, it can become harder to convince teenagers to make time the other parent. Here are some guides on how each parent needs to facilitate contact with the other parent.

25 January 2016

Filing a Third-Party Automobile Insurance Claim

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Were you recently the victim of a car accident that wasn't your fault? While you might be familiar with filing procedures for your own insurance company that deals with self-imposed or weather-related damage, claims with other companies are a whole different story. These are entitled "third-party claims," and they occur when you believe an opposing party or business is responsible for the damage to your car. To find out more about the filing procedures, make sure to read on.

22 January 2016

Steps to Take When Pursuing a Criminal Injury Claim

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When criminal acts take place, there is normally a victim of some type. Individuals that have suffered any type of injury both physical and mental due to a criminal act, have the ability to pursue a criminal injury claim. This claim that is filed can result in compensation for the injury that was imposed upon you. Even those families of people that have been killed as a result of criminal acts have the ability to pursue criminal injury claims.

22 January 2016

Why You Always Need to Hire a Lawyer for Litigation

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Litigation, or taking someone to court, is usually best done with lawyers to represent you. This is true even if you think you have a very simple case and if the other side seems very cooperative. If you need to sue someone for any reason, even something seemingly minor such as property damage or defamation, note why it's good to have a lawyer represent you and some answers to questions you might have about their representation.

21 January 2016

Australian Visa Requirements for Green Card Holders

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The Immigration Department of Australia requires that all individuals travelling to Australia carry the appropriate ID and travel certificates. The requirements for U.S. citizens moving to Australia depend on the type of visa you want. The following are some of the basic prerequisites for business and tourist visas. Documentation If you are moving to Australia for business and possess a U.S. green card, some of the documents that you should have include a valid passport, a green card as proof of U.

20 January 2016

Tips for Helping You Determine If You Need a Lawyer

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It can be tempting to go without a lawyer in order to avoid hefty legal fees when you've been charged with what seems like a minor crime or when you have certain legal paperwork you need prepared. However, there are times when those fees are well worth the investment and when it's never good to try to handle your situation on your own, without proper advice and assistance. To help you determine if you need a lawyer, note a few quick tips you might consider.

19 January 2016

What to Understand About Worker's Compensation

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Worker's compensation refers to a type of insurance coverage that your employer has that covers your medical bills and other expenses if you're injured on the job. In most areas, an employer is legally required to have this type of insurance coverage if they hire even one worker for their company. If you've been injured on the job, you may have some questions about worker's compensation and what it means for you; note a few of these questions below and then be sure you bring them up with a compensation lawyer so he or she can determine how they apply in your case.

18 January 2016

Mistakes You Can Avoid when Hiring a Professional Conveyancer

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If you are ready to purchase a piece of property, then there is a good chance you know that the process can be a bit confusing and complex. While there are some people who will attempt to handle all the paperwork and processes on their own, they will likely learn rather quickly that conveyancing is a better option. There are a number of mistakes you should try to avoid, and a conveyancer can help to ensure you accomplish this.

13 January 2016

Top Factors That Are Evaluated by the Courts When Settling Custody Disputes

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When you are dealing with a custody disagreement, it can be a very trying time emotionally. The wellbeing of your child is at stake when agreements about custody and visitation can't be made between both parties. Entering a legal battle for custody rights can be a scary proposition because the judge presiding over the case is the one with the final decision. Hiring a solicitor familiar with custody law is the first step that you should take when you find yourself in a custody dispute, but it is also essential that you learn what the most important factors are that are used by the judge to evaluate custody rights.

8 January 2016

Are Prenuptial Agreements Contestable?

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A prenuptial agreement is an important document. Thanks to this document, prospective spouses can ensure that the other person is marrying them for who they are as opposed to what (or how much) they have.  However, the validity of a prenuptial agreement can be legally contested just as is the case with other legal documents. This article provides a few grounds that can be used to contest the validity of a prenuptial agreement.

6 January 2016