Family Law: When to Hire a Divorce Lawyer

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What do you do when your spouse is unfaithful or, worse still, violent? Do you still stick around? Certainly not. The only option is to part ways. When the time comes to divorce your spouse, you'll need the assistance of a divorce lawyer. 

With their in-depth understanding of family law, a lawyer will help you navigate the divorce. If you have kids, they will use their expertise to determine who goes with them. Take a look at more detailed reasons why you need the services of a legal representative.

There Is a Hearing You Need to Attend

When you have a hearing date coming up, you need to be well prepared. The preparation involves having a family law solicitor by your side. Being a tough time, you should try as much as possible to give yourself an easy time. Your legal representative knows how to prepare all the necessary court documents, and they are well-versed with the legal language to convince the judge to make the ruling in your favour. 

The Other Party Has a Solicitor

Unless you are planning on losing the fight, representing yourself is not a smart idea. If your near-to-be-ex-spouse has a lawyer, you'll be going up against someone who has dealt with family law for years. In this situation, you will have a very slim chance of winning. You will need a seasoned divorce lawyer to advise you on the best way to approach the case. Due to their vast experience in similar cases, your lawyer will help you make better decisions and avoid mistakes. 

You Have Been Served

If your spouse's lawyer has sent a process server to your house with some court documents, you will need some legal advice on the matter. The solicitor will help you peruse the document and make useful deductions. Since the legal language used in the letter might be hard to understand, the solicitor will break it down for you in a more understandable manner. 

Your Spouse Seeks Mediation

Although mediation is less stressful than going to court, it is still crucial to understand what goes on in the meeting. Whatever decision the two of you make during mediation cannot be easily invoked. In that case, you need a legal practitioner who is well conversant with the family law to advise you before you sign any agreements. 

Hiring a divorce lawyer who knows everything about family law gives you an upper hand in court. It also gives you much-needed peace of mind during the divorce.


5 March 2021

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