5 Myths That Shouldn't Stop People Making Personal Injury Claims


If you've been injured in an accident that was not your fault, you should speak to a personal injury lawyer to see if you might have a case against the person or business responsibility. Of course, it isn't often that simple. There are a number of myths that surround personal injury claims, and many of them prevent people from seeking the reparations they deserve.

Here are five common myths, and why you shouldn't let them stop you making a claim.  

1. A Lawyer Will Be Too Expensive

Just like everyone else, lawyers don't work for free; in fact, their skills often make them extremely expensive to hire. With this in mind, it's natural for people to worry that they can't afford to seek the compensation they deserve, especially if they have any doubt that their claim will be strong enough to win the case.

It's for just that reason that Australia boasts such a wide array of no win no fee lawyers. If you win, legal fees will be withdrawn from the settlement; in the event that you don't win, you won't be accountable for a penny.

2. It's Wrong to Seek Compensation  

Some people will play down their own grievances and refuse to seek compensation. This often occurs because of the negative light that is often shined on people who do claim. However, personal injury lawyers aren't opportunists looking to exploit an unfair system; they're legal professionals helping right a wrong in the best way possible.

3. You Need to be Badly Injured

There are few people who wouldn't seek compensation for an accident that wasn't their fault if the result was a broken back, but, legally, a broken ankle deserves the same kind of attention.

There's no reason to think that your injury isn't bad enough to seek compensation. It's not about whether your injuries are life-changing; it's about the fact that you were harmed due to the avoidable negligence of someone else.

4. The Case Will Be Too Time-Consuming

Television shows and films have shown just how much time does into building a case, but try to keep in mind that that job is not yours. Instead, it's the responsibility of your lawyers; it's how they earn their fee.

You will need to talk to the law team in question to provide them with all the facts surrounding your injury, and attend any hearings. However, beyond this, the extent of your involvement will be minimal. You will need to put some time in, but probably a lot less than you would imagine.

5. You'll Lose Your Job

Many personal injuries occur in the workplace, and they're often not the fault of the one injured. Unfortunately, it's often the case that people don't seek a claim because they're worried about being fired from their job.

This is simply not the case. Firstly, most employers will be concerned enough about your welfare to pay compensation. Secondly, firing someone for making a complaint or winning a claim will result in a charge of unfair dismissal. In other words, it is an illegal action.

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25 January 2016

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