Australian Visa Requirements for Green Card Holders

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The Immigration Department of Australia requires that all individuals travelling to Australia carry the appropriate ID and travel certificates. The requirements for U.S. citizens moving to Australia depend on the type of visa you want. The following are some of the basic prerequisites for business and tourist visas.


If you are moving to Australia for business and possess a U.S. green card, some of the documents that you should have include a valid passport, a green card as proof of U.S. residency, two passport photos, request Form 456 along with a submission checklist to help travelers who are applying for a visa and evidence of health insurance such as an indemnity insurance. If you are travelling to Australia as a tourist, you are required to have a legal passport, a passport photograph, request Form 48 along with a submission checklist and evidence of health insurance.

Proof of Need to Travel

Whether you are moving to Australia as a tourist or for business, you are required to present proof for your reason for travelling to Australia. If you are travelling for business, the proof required is in form of a business memo showing liability and a written agreement showing the tasks that you are supposed to execute while residing in Australia. Business persons are also required to have an invitation note from their host in Australia and professional and education credentials. If you are travelling as a tourist, you are required to produce your travel schedule. If you are visiting relatives or next of kin, you should produce an invitation note.

Financial and Character

Business persons and tourists with green cards are required to have enough money to cater for their time in Australia. Apart from showing that you have health insurance, you need to show evidence of your accessible finances. You are allowed to produce account reports, bank documents, salary slips, tax paperwork and your credit limit on your credit card as proof of your financial status. Additionally, you are required to reveal your criminal history by presenting a character affidavit.


Green card holders are also required to settle visa charges. You can determine the charges that apply for your visa by enquiring from an immigration lawyer or by consulting the Australian embassy.

Visa Request

Green card holders can only get visas after making a visa request online through the Australian Government Department of Immigration and Citizenship or through airline services, travel agents or a service delivery partner. 


20 January 2016

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